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This software provides a powerful work order based editing system for the maintenance of your Electric/Water/Sewer/Gas/Storm Water Geographic Information System (GIS). CMSEditor can be operated on either desktop or portable PCs providing a unique in field staking capability.

Key Benefits

  • Support for File Based, Personal, Enterprise Geodatabases.   CMSEditor uses a centralized posting server to enable multi-user editing and data synchronization.
  • Edit and maintain your electrical GIS on a work order basis. The work order workflow allows updates to be designed or engineered. These drawings are then printed and delivered to field crews, who ultimately construct the designed work. As typically occurs, changes are made to the original design in the field and the original work order is updated. Changes are noted on the original design and the work order is marked as-built.
  • Enter and update data using intelligent data entry forms. CMSEditor provides easy to use data entry forms which verify and ease the entry of attribute data. Extensive use of drop-down lists, option buttons, and graphic icons ease the entry of complex inventory information.
  • Produce standard staking plots and inventory sheets. CMSEditor makes it easy to produce scale drawings of designs. Multiple plots can be easily produced to cover large area updates. Scales can be easily changed and all plots will conform to a utility standard format. Each staking plot clearly carries general staking information on the top of each plot, which indicates such things as Work Order Number, Customer Name, Staking Date, Required Date, etc. Inventory lists of materials can be printed which indicate what materials are needed at a location on the map.
  • Create work orders in the field utilizing portable PCs. CMSEditor does not require access to a centralized database to perform edits. This allows a staking engineer to take the system out into the field to do in the field staking or to be used as an in the field inventory system.
  • Open Data Structure.

System Requirements

GIS systems store, retrieve, and display vast quantities of data and are generally one of the most demanding PC applications. While any PC supporting Windows 95 or higher can be used, a user with a minimally configured PC will have a difficult time editing a large database with an under powered machine. The general rule of thumb with GIS systems is buy the most you can afford. The larger the database, the greater the need for CPU power and RAM. The following recommendations are generally made for PC configurations. 

bulletCPU Core Duo , I3 , I5, I7.
bulletRAM:  2Gb (minimum) / 3Gb recommended (32 bit Os).  4Gb + for 64 bit OS
bulletSoftware:  ArcGis 9.2 or higher.  Windows Xp, Vista, or Windows 7. 32 bit or 64 bit
bulletDisk: Disk drive should be of sufficient size to hold applications, user swap space, and a complete copy of the utility database. CMSEditor is a compact application requiring less than 10mb of disk space. User data size will be the deciding factor.


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