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Map Builder

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CMSEditor (Electric/Water/Sewer/Gas/Storm GIS Editor)
This software provides a powerful work order based editing system for the maintenance of your complete utility utility (Electric, Water, Sewer, Gas, Storm Water). CMSEditor  can be operated on either desktop or portable PCs providing a unique in field staking capability.
AVTrouble is a comprehensive trouble call outage management software (OMS) package specifically designed for use in the electric power industry. AVTrouble integrates the automated phone answering system, with predictive trouble call outage determination, and the power of GIS software.
CMSDialog is designed to extend ESRI ArcGIS, ArcEngine to support form based feature attribute coding and display.  A special forms designer is used to layout forms.  Forms include standard windows editing objects  such as drop down lists, tab sheets, check boxes, radio groups, date time pickers.  Forms support VBScript for customization.
Map Builder
Simply put, Map Builder lets the user map any feature, of any theme and include all of its information on one single Template. Map Builder was designed with the idea that repairs and inspections are an ever occurring event for all utilities. With Map Builder, we take the hassle out of recreating and organizing these forms. Inspection Forms come already set up and ready to use. Customizing is as simple as click and drag.
Designed to be light weight and easy to use, CMSGPS is an all-in-one GPS tracking and data logging software application. CMSGPS can be used with any GPS unit and can be installed and in the field in a matter of minutes. Initially created for "in-house" GPS field work because we could not find an acceptable solution anywhere else. Try our free demo!  


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