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Map Builder does for map-making, what Word Templates do for documents. Map Builder allows ArcGIS users to produce a set of maps based on a selected set of features.  Each map includes information extracted from the feature attribute tables.  A built-in Template Manager lets the user store new templates and access existing ones. Map Builder comes complete with default templates but users will be able to custom make templates to best suit their needs. Customizing is as simple as click and drag.  Using is as easy as select 5 fire hydrants, click run, and produce 5 maps each showing the hydrants location and attribute details.

Who uses Map Builder?





Water Utilities

Fire Hydrant Inspections

Fire Hydrant Reports

Valve Inspections

Valve Reports






Sewer Utilities

Smoke Test Inspections

Smoke Test Reports

Manhole Inspections

Manhole Reports






Stormwater Utilities

Catch Basin Inspection

Smoke Test Inspection

Camera Inspection



Zoning Notifications

Public Access

Easement Evaluation


Electric Utilities

Pole Inspections

Transformer Inspections




Description Price
ArcView Version $250
ArcView Version Cityworks Enabled $500



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