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AVTrouble is a comprehensive trouble call outage management software package specifically designed for use in the electric power industry. AVTrouble integrates the automated phone answering system, with predictive trouble call outage determination, and the power of GIS software.

Call Monitor with Manual Call Entry enabled. Interacts in real-time with the utilities customers billing database.

Key Benefits

  • Integrates fully with Lucent Conversant automated phone systems. AVTrouble completely interfaces with the Lucent automated phone answering system. AVTrouble can retrieve those customers who called in need of service. Once an outage scenario is determined, AVTrouble classifies the calls so that dispatchers can easily determine if all calls are being handled.
  • AVTrouble can now be used without an automated phone answering system. Using the new Call monitor, users can simply enter in outages manual and send them to dispatch. This new feature makes UATrouble more economical especially for smaller utilities. 
  • Allow the user to perform outage analysis. Once a group of users without power are entered, AVTrouble performs sophisticated network traces to determine potential open protective devices. Devices are ordered by the most likely to the least likely device. This analysis aids work crews in quickly determining a problem and restoring power to your customers in the most efficient fashion.
  • Locate customers who are reporting a power outage on a map. AVTrouble allows the user to zoom to the location of the callers who are reporting a power outage. The map highlights those customers who called in.
  • Automatically Logs outage information for each outage handled. For each outage handled, AVTrouble stores the start and ending times of the outage, customers affected by the outage, cause of the outage, etc. This information is critical for producing system performance reports.
  • Perform automatic callback. When the user logs an outage with the system, the user is prompted whether they wish to be called back the customer to verify restoration of power.
  • Retrieve Outage History for a user. Using the GIS system, the user can select any customer on the system and display outage history information. Two lists are generated; one list for all outages that the customer actually called in and a second list where the customer was affected by the outage but did not call in.
  • Perform any of the analysis capabilities found in UAWork. The ability to perform all upstream or downstream network tracing, to fast Zoom to a location and all other analysis capabilities are in AVTrouble.
  • Internet or Intranet can be used to view current outages. Web pages are automatically generated so the user can instantly view the outage information and location. The intranet can be used so only the utility can view the web page securely. The web pages can also be set up on the internet for customers to view if desired. To view an example web page click here.

System Requirements

  • Windows Xp or higher 32 or 64 bit
  •  ArcGIS 9.2 or Higher
  • CMSEditor


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