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CMSDialog offers an efficient solution for coding and displaying information with ESRI software. Using drag-&-drop operations, you can create forms that feature standard Windows editing options such as drop-down lists, tab sheets, check boxes, radio groups, date pickers, hyperlinks and more.

Customize your forms in a way that works for you.

Key Features

Single Copy

Single Copy
- $170


  • Select several features and set common attributes in one operation with the bulk code button.

  • Benefit from a higher degree of data coding accuracy.

  • Standardize data as it is input with default coding.

  • Forms are stored with the data so changes are instantly available to every user.

  • Copy and paste information from one feature to another.

  • Use with Geodatabases, shape files and coverages.

Boost Your Efficiency On All Levels.

You could edit with this ...

... instead of this.



12.gif (44 bytes)
  • Editing & Maintenance of maps & databases is more efficient and more accurate.
  • Finding information is quicker and easier with user-friendly displays windows.

  Supports ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo, ArcEngine and ArcView 3.x environments.  

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